At what events can you use a limousine? – Part 1

It is no mystery that Limousines are associated with having a good time, celebrations and even luxury. Obviously, driving around day-to-day in a Limousine is unpractical. So what events and special occasions justify their use? We present a guide to the best occasions to indulge and enjoy the luxury of a limousine.


Finishing high school or university is a big milestone for students. It also signifies a checkpoint in life, where new steps into the great wide world are going to be taken. Needless to say it is a night of celebration. This is a great reason to splash out for a limousine. For young people a Limousine is also a great novelty that can be enjoyed with a large group of friends.

School Formal / Prom.

Similarly to a graduation night, a school formal offers the opportunity for a group of young high school friends to taste the luxury of a limousine service. Many students are on a budget but limousines can fit over 8 people, which means the cost can be split between those 8 people.

A nice night out.

Many people may be hesitant to choose a limousine service for just a nice night out considering the potential costs. It might be more tempting to take a taxi when going for a meal or out for a drink. However, it can sometimes be cost comparative to utilize a limousine service. Many limousine companies offer reduced prices if you call last minute and they are available, they would rather make some many rather than no money. This can make an ordinary meal or trip to the bar a little more special. Check your local limousine company for possible discounts.


Whether you’ve been married for one year or for thirty years, limousines are a great way to show somebody that you care for them. What better way is there to to start a romantic evening than picking up your loved one in a limousine.

These are a few types of events and celebrations where using a limousine can make things even more special. Check in with us for Part 2 of our review on which events you can use a limousine.